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D.O.C. (Controlled Designation of Origin) Friuli Colli Orientali

Reference variety of Friulian production par excellence. In the course of over one hundred years of presence in this land, it has become so loved that it has become the flagship wine of Friuli, sealing an essential pact with the Friulians.

  • Type of grape variety Autoctono
  • Grape variety Pure Friulano
  • Type Dry white
  • Name of vineyard Monviert
  • Planting year 1994
  • Exposure South - South-West
  • Grape production per hectare 60-65 q.li /ha
  • Training Cappuccina monolaterale
  • Harvest Manual, beginning of September
  • Alcohol content 14% vol.
  • Total acidity 5,15 gr./l
  • Serving temperature 15-16°
  • Storage period 5-10 years

The grapes are de-stemmed first and then crushed, after cooling to 5-7° C, they are placed in special maceration tanks for 12-24 hours (cryomaceration) before being softly pressed. The must thus obtained is left for 8-12 hours to settle for the elimination of the heavier parts before being sent for alcoholic fermentation by means of selected yeasts at a controlled temperature of 18-19° C. After about 10-12 days of alcoholic fermentation and relative depletion of the sugars in the must, it is decanted through which the heavier deposits that were created during fermentation move away and all the finer and lighter parts are preserved (fine). After a period of 5-6 months of ageing in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature with regular periodic bâtonnage, the wine, now complete, is prepared for bottling.

Colour golden yellow. Chamomile, ripe pineapple, linden flowers, wild flower honey, fresh apricot, thyme and bitter almond bouquet. Full-bodied, well-rounded, savoury and persistent, with great organoleptic cleanliness and nose-to-palate correspondence. On the palate it seems to play with textures: initially almost oily, it develops in a fresh and sapid structure, to then continue with a long elegant and dry persistence that beckons another taste.

A wine of both character and harmony at the same time, it can accompany a variety of dishes, from appetizers to first courses of meat or fish.


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