To make you understand the story of Monviert, I must first tell you our story.

When I was a child, like all children, I dreamt of becoming someone, of having a good job, an occupation I could love and that could make my parents proud of me.

So I started to take my first steps in the world with the intention of finding a passion to pursue, all mine.

Passion” is a word used for the most disparate areas, often inappropriately, other times forcedly attached to the activity that people practice daily, to justify their commitment. I believe that passion is a form of awareness, because it makes you understand who you really are, deep down, allowing you to get to know yourself. One day, just when I was looking for it, my passion found me.

I was still a young boy when a neighbour said something to me that changed my way of seeing the world. I already knew that my future would be linked to my land, but those few words allowed me to understand that I had made the right decision. Right for me.



It was a phrase by Howard Thurman that read:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs,
ask yourself ‘what makes me feel alive?’
When you find the answer,
put your plan into action.
Because what the world needs
is people capable of feeling alive.”

And in my case it is the earth that makes me, and has always made me, feel alive.



On these solid foundations, in 1950, Monviert was set up, at the foot of the hill that hosts the church of San Giuseppe, which we have owned ever since I can remember, and in which all the members of my family, including me, were married. It all started from my parents’ stone house, built by them brick by brick, a bit like our company with its plots. In the same way we have also expanded the building that houses Monviert, carving out the space it deserves.

Today the headquarters are a feast for the eyes, capable of clearly transmitting all the emotions we want to express daily through our wines, because over time the spirit has remained unchanged, only passion has grown, and continues to grow.

First established as Ronchi San Giuseppe, this passion had to be handed down and exported.
This is how the whole family has been touched, from me, to my children, to my grandchildren, far exceeding my dreams as a child.

The name Monviert originates from the little church which has been watching over our 87 hectares for centuries.
In Friulian, the language of our land, this means “open mountain“: because the “mountain” on which it stands gives a clear “open” view of the surrounding countryside.
From its hilltop, it manages to convey all the love that my family has sown, and continues to sow, in this land for three generations.

Over the years we have grown, together with our passion.
And so the world around us has also changed, through the digitalisation and evolution of production methods.
But to transform innovation into real improvement, you need to know who you are dealing with: Mother Nature.

She, who has always known how to give us top quality grapes; and we who, always with great respect, have been able to grow and transform them into wines of great quality, trying to follow the philosophy that drives Monviert:




Because it’s the truth, nature teaches, but tradition must know how to follow and uphold its teachings. From the great struggles against its bad weather, to the great satisfaction given by its fruits, it’s all part of a great investment, an investment in time that repays with knowledge and improvement, first personal, then corporate.

Thus, strengthened by this awareness gained over the years, we have decided to interpret the term “innovation” in our own way, always bearing in mind the fundamental value that drives Monviert: respect for the earth. For this reason we have decided to transform waste, such as dry vine branches, into a resource, heating the whole company through its combustion, so as to always treat nature and all its fruits with respect.

An evolution that comes from listening to the earth, which, day after day, teaches you to take care of it: it shows you what is best to do, when it is better to do it and how. The earth is a life companion and repays you with the same coin with which you treat it: returns respect, repays attention and returns commitment.

With the earth you can have an equal relationship, if you have the patience to listen to it, the desire to understand it and the strength to help it improve. This thought is the engine that drives our family. For this reason we treat our plots by applying artisan care: berry by berry, as if we were still a small farm.

Following a passion, your passion, means honouring your core values, it means respecting yourself. And it is only by respecting yourself that you can respect what surrounds you. Passions are planted and cultivated, we have come out of the metaphor and we have made it literal, transforming the history of a company into a love story, between a family and its land.



Wine. Land. Love.

Franco Zorzettig