About Us


Monviert is a love story between our family and our land, the Colli Orientali del Friuli.

Monviert, which in the Friulian language means “open mountain“, gives our company its name and a line of wines that represent the very best of a selection of vines.

The name Monviert pays tribute to the little church, dating back to 1522, that stands on top of the hill (the “monte”) overlooking our 87 hectares of land and affords a clear, “open” view of the Colli Orientali.

Oence a plac of worship and comfort for pilgrims, it has been restored by our family, becoming a symbol of the cultural wine heritage that we continue to preserve.



The winery was first set up under the name Ronchi San Giuseppe shortly after the Second World War , though its roots go even further back, and the family winemaking tradition that started with grandfather Franco has been handed down from generation to generation.

And today, we continue to cultivate the land which has always been our home with the same passion.

At present several generations of our family are involved in producing wine in our company, from grape to glass.

The wisdom of the past and the ancient manual skills we use in our work form a solid foundation for the modern techniques and new systems which allow us to reach ever higher levels of excellence.

Guided by the age-old value of respect for the land, which has driven Monviert since day one, in 2013 we installed an innovative biomass plant, which turns waste such as vine prunings into a resource, satisfying 100% of our hot water demand.


Our wines are the pride of our family, because they pass on the identity of a great rural civilisation. The Italian and international awards that the company has received over the years are also a reward for our land, Friuli.